Five Minutes with Jenni Kayne

The fashion designer gets real about beauty.

Jenni Kayne

Fashion designer Jenni Kayne, best known for her eponymous fashion and accessories collection, is now branching out into beauty by collaborating with organic brand Earth Tu Face on a hand and body lotion. Naturally, we took the opportunity to talk to Kayne about her effortlessly Californian beauty look, the products always in her bag, and more.

What’s your first beauty memory? Going with my mom when she got her facials. I was about eight, and I’d get my face massaged. I remember lying on a table and feeling so excited about it! I forget the name of it—it was somewhere in Beverly Hills—but I remember they used Mustela products on me. I know they make baby products, so maybe that was why.

What’s currently in your purse? Honest lip pencil in Honey Kiss, Hourglass Nude Lipstick #2, Sisley Nude lip pencil, Grown Alchemist hand lotion, Earth tu Face balm stick and an emery board, just in case.

What was your worst beauty blunder? Probably cutting all my hair off freshman year in high school. I thought it would be liberating, and it was the Nineties and short cuts were cool, but a short cut with curly hair was not a good look. I spent the rest of high school growing it out.

Which discontinued beauty product or shade are you mourning? There’s two: The first one, I can’t remember the name of, but it’s this green tea hydrosol spray that a facialist gave me. I loved the way it made my skin look and feel and the smell of it was the best. I hoarded boxes of it when I learned the company was going under.

Also, there was a certain Tova fragrance my sisters and I wore all through high school. It was the BEST. When she sold her company to HSN, it never smelled the same.

What your pet beauty peeve? Overtweezed brows, and I definitely don’t like too much makeup. I think too much ages you.

What’s your 5-minute routine? Evan Healy tea tree face wash. The smell is so invigorating to wake up to! Then Evan’s Douglas Fir Hydrosol. Evan always says follow your nose in choosing skin care. Earth Tu Face oil, and if it’s dry, I’ll also use their balm. Rescue by Cosmetix. Then ELTA MD sunscreen or Beauty Counter’s tinted sunscreen. Cle de peau concealer stick, RMS Luminizer on my cheekbones or above my eyes, Hourglass or Honest nude lipstick. And the Mary Kay clear brow gel Kristie Streicher turned me on to.

If you had an extra 10 minutes in your routine, how would you spend it? I would wash my hair! Or take a bath to relax.

What are you currently obsessed with? Charcoal. In particular, Pressed Juicery makes this charcoal lavender lemonade that I’m drinking daily.