Loving Eugenia Kim’s resort collection

Designer Eugenia Kim talks a mile a minute and she seems to spark new ideas for hats at almost the same rate. Take, for instance, the hat collection she recently did for Target (the retailer's...


In general, things are booming. Her workshop and showroom on West 36th St. is so busy that next month they’re moving across the hall to a new space twice the size. “We’ve been on a hiring binge,” she says. “We had a stretch where I think we had a new person starting every Monday.” Now Kim has produced her first resort collection. “Last year we did just a few, but it did so well we’re doing a full line for the first time,” she says. Here, a few highlights:

These hats will not be in stores until November; check ShopBop and Net-a-Porter for a selection from Kim’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection.