Why did you write this book?
It was the right time for me to write about the people I loved and who counted in my life. It's a book about love--things I wanted to tell that are important to me both on a personal and spiritual level.

Judging by the book, it seems you existed in a world where everyone was always nice and pretty. Weren't you ever angry at things and people?
I have been betrayed and hurt, but I choose not to be in the negative or hate. I only like loving and being in harmony. I forgive. Prayer and meditation helps.

How do you compare today's fashion world to the one you knew when you were a model?
There was a lot of creativity, a lot of freedom--everyone knew each other. A lot of people are fascinated by those years and wish they could have known that era. Today, it's a much smaller world, yet everything is global.


What did you do with all that freedom in the sex, drugs and rock & roll era?
I had romances but I wasn't into wild sex. I am more of a romantic. But I was into rock & roll. I was going out every night dancing, and I was having a lot of fun.

Did you do drugs?
No. And it's a miracle. On the contrary, I was clean and I wanted a spiritual and mystical life.

You still seem to enjoy the fashion world: You were at the Kenzo show in Paris this month. Did you make it to any others?
No, and I'm sorry I missed Dior, I always go to Dior. But I was filming The Disciples in Spain. I play Mary, and Joel West, who once was a model for Calvin Klein, plays Jesus.


What other film projects do you have?
I'm getting into a new adventure. I'm co-writing the new Rachid Benhadj film and I will co-produce it too. And I will play in Laure Charpentier's new movie Gigola, also starring Lou Doillon and Marisa Paredes.

How do you like to dress on an ordinary day, when you're not going out?
I wear mostly pants and flat shoes, so my feet don't hurt. I wear high heels only for events in the evening. I like to look pretty.

Top photo, Stephane Feugere; wedding photo, Fairchild Archives.