Congratulations on opening your first boutique! Tell us about the store. Where in London will it be located? Thank you. I am really excited, but equally nervous as it is a big step for me to open my own shop. The store will be located at 5 Mount Street in Mayfair, London, and I was really lucky to get such a great location. Since I can't have a fashion show every season as a shoe designer, this is one opportunity for me to show my collection to my customers in an environment that I designed specifically for it, something that conveys my brand. The design of the shop is striking, and has a number of feature elements and everything has been custom built, including the flooring which I have worked with the artist Richard Woods to execute. The look will be sharp and considered, but also abstract, and I ultimately want it to be comfortable and inviting. I've worked with a fine art lighting designer, as I think that the lighting, especially for shoes, is extremely important.