Five minutes with Sarah Silverman

The failed Jay Leno experiment may have convinced some network execs that only procedural dramas work in the 10pm slot, but Sarah Silverman fans know better. The cheerfully potty-mouthed 39-year-old drew a massive audience to...


Your show has already taken on abortion, AIDS, racism, world hunger, homosexuality, rape, the Holocaust, slavery, god, immigrants, and bestiality. What else is left? What can we look forward to this season? [My sister] Laura and I have competing Holocaust memorials, I try to debunk the association between vans and child molesters, and my imaginary friend from childhood comes back all grown up.

Has Comedy Central ever put the kibosh on a story line because they feared it was too offensive? Nope. It’s the best thing about them. Even when they try to steer us away from something, they ultimately let us win. It means the world to me that we have that kind of freedom there. Because we don’t sit around going, “How can we be even crazier!?” I think that’s a kind of sweaty way to go about writing comedy.

No. I mostly thought I’d work with gorillas or be a masseuse.

Are you excited by the rumors that Conan O’Brien could end up at Comedy Central? I haven’t heard that. Interesting!! Wherever he lands people will watch.

As a media outlet with an emphasis on fashion and beauty, we need to ask: why do you never seem to age? What’s your secret? YAY! I wash my face twice at night and moisturize with stuff that’s fragrance free. Also I act like an idiot. Plus it runs in my genes: my mom looks beautiful, my dad’s adorable, Laura is 4 years older than me and looks younger — on the show she plays my younger sister! That said, I feel I’m very close to hitting a wall…

Top photo: Silverman photographed by designer Scott Sternberg for a Boy by Band of Outsiders’ look book last spring

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