Monumental Pucci

The Piazza San Giovanni gets a colorful makeover.

Piazza San Giovanni Pucci Makeover

During the presentation of the Men’s Spring 2015 collections at Pitti Immagine Uomo, a biannual tradeshow in Florence, Italy, the Centre of Florence for Italian Fashion decided to do something special to celebrate the organization’s 60th anniversary—and the city’s colorful history. The result is a monumental art installation inspired by Emilio Pucci’s iconic 1957 Battistero print at Baptistery of Piazza San Giovanni, a small basilica that is also one of the oldest buildings in Florence. Until June 20th, the church will resemble a life-size silk scarf. The print, which was originally inspired by the same picturesque square, adds extra oomph to the ancient piazza with its psychedelic palette of punchy pink, lime green, and electric orange—in case over-the-top street style peacocks aren’t bright enough.