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If Amy Winehouse were a golfer, chances are she'd stub out her ciggy and step up to the tee box in a saucy Death to Argyle polo. The subversive new women's golfwear line, created by a pair of 32-year-old Santa Barbara-based twins who just couldn't bear to hit the links in old-fogey garb, made its debut at the PGA Fall Expo 2008 in Vegas this past September amid a sea of old-school plaids and pastels. Though the buzzed-about collection meets all the rules and regs of even the snootiest country club (the shirts have collars, the shorts hit just above the knee), it's worked up in a decidedly un-golfy palette of black, red and sage green. Featuring puffy sleeves, contrast banding, playing card motifs and Dickies-style pants cuts, the line has a retro, pretty-chola vibe. No wonder owners Cassie and Willow Wayne, who've been playing golf since they were wee tots, envision a life for their togs beyond the 18th hole. "Our parents belong to a club, but public courses are more our thing," says Cassie. "These are clothes for girls who just want to play for fun."