Bill Clinton at the Fragrance Foundation's Foundation Talk.

Bill Clinton speaks to Elizabeth Musmanno at the Foundation Talk. Photo by Jane Larkworthy.

The Fragrance Foundation, the perfume industry’s version of the CFDA, held its first “Foundation Talk” yesterday at NYU’s Skirball Center and the inaugural speaker was none other than Bill Clinton. The former president spoke for a good half hour, focusing on serious global economic issues, but he also managed to give props to the fragrance industry for its support of Haitian farmers growing vetiver, the sexy, grassy note that’s become more and more popular (and happens to be one of my personal favorites.) The Foundation’s president, Elizabeth Musmanno, sat with Mr. C for a short Q&A after his speech, but when she asked the question we’d all been wondering— what scent do you wear?—he sidestepped it like, well, a seasoned politician. “At my age, you’re probably the only person in the world who is interested in that,” he laughed. “I don’t stink. I just try to be hygienic.” He finally came (sort of) clean before he walked offstage. “Actually I do use [fragrance],” he admitted, “but the ingredients are secret, and I’d have to shoot you if I tell you.” Wow, that is power.

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