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On Monday night, Kate Spade got a head start to the holidays with a dinner and screening of the fourth installment in the label’s short film series MissAdventure, again starring Anna Kendrick and for the first time Zosia Mamet. As the title suggests, the short follows the two girls on their hijinks throughout Manhattan. At the dinner at the NoMad Hotel, Mamet and other Spade muses like Freida Pinto and her Girls co-star Lola Kirke held forth on their most surprising holiday gifts.

Lola Kirke
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What is the best gift you've ever received?
Today, I got the best gift of my life - a certificate to In-N-Out Burger. A family friend mailed it to me with an amethyst stone. An amethyst is known for healing addiction – so perhaps they sent it to me to help heal my In-N-Out addiction.

What is the gift that keeps on giving?
Transcendental meditation. I have received it as a gift and given it as a gift to multiple people. It’s the best gift ever.

Who's on top of your gift-giving list and what do you plan on giving them?
Definitely my partner. I’m not sure what I’m giving him this year, but the last thing I got him was a black acoustic guitar from 1932 - now I just play it myself.

Freida Pinto
Freida Pinto. Photo by

What is the most unique gift you’ve ever received?
The most unique gift was the most inappropriate gift - my ex boyfriend's best friend gave me a dildo from an organic store. I couldn’t believe it!

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What's at the top of your holiday wish list?
I want to be surprised by an incredible holiday. I'm not planning it, I don't want to plan it, I just want it to happen. It's good to wish for good things. I just want to put it out there and hopefully it will happen!

Zosia Mamet
Zosia Mamet. Photo by

What is the most unique gift you've ever received?
My dad gave me an antique ivory fisherman's knife when I was 10 that had my name inscribed into it. So half of it is an antique knife, and the other half is this tool that guts a fish. Fisherman used them in the olden days, and the fact that he gave this to me when I was 10 makes it even more special. Now it's on my bedside table.

What's at the top of your holiday wish list?
Sleeping and swimming in the ocean. I’m taking a trip to Florida with a few friends, my man and my dog. I just want to be in the ocean reading books. My holiday book list includes Jamaica Inn, an Agatha Christie novel, Dave Eggers' Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius and East of Eden! I've never read it - it's the stack next to my bed right now – so I guess it’s more like my six-month book wish list.