Open Houses

Designers invite the fashion world into their homes.

Kym Ellery 2015

For the launch of her eponymous line, Gabriela Hearst held an intimate event at her town house in Manhattan’s West Village. “It made sense to present this very personal project in a very personal space,” she explained of the sophisticated collection, which includes luxe essentials like leather skirts, plush crewnecks, and tall suede boots. She wasn’t the only designer doubling as a gracious host. Both Adam Lippes and Dee Ocleppo have made it a tradition to welcome press into their well-appointed New York apartments—his on Washington Square, hers on Central Park South. Kenzo Takada, meanwhile, lent his former art-filled Paris abode to Ellery’s Kym Ellery to preview her designs. And though they didn’t technically show in their homes, Erdem and Protagonist’s Kate Wendelborn both got extra points for their cool, living room–like sets.

Photos: Open Houses

Gabriela Hearst Fall 2015. Courtesy of Jack Webb.

Gabriela Hearst Fall 2015. Courtesy of Trunk Archive.

Kym Ellery Fall 2015. Courtesy of designer.

Adam Lippes Fall 2015. Courtesy of designer.

Erdem Fall 2015. Courtesy of designer.

Protagonist Fall 2015. Courtesy of Getty Images.