Oops, Game of Thrones Left Two Plastic Water Bottles in a Single Series Finale Shot

Apparently Dany burned everything in King’s Landing but a plastic Poland Spring.


Just weeks after Starbucks-gate, Game of Thrones has done it again: during last night’s widely critiqued series finale, the show made another slip, leaving a plastic water bottle in a pivotal shot. Apparently Daenerys burned everything in King’s Landing but a highly-meltable Poland Spring. Clearly the small council has never been to San Francisco.

The water bottle appeared in the latter half of the episode. Grey Worm allowed Tyrion, imprisoned with Jon Snow by the Unsullied, to negotiate with the highest lords and ladies in Westeros for his release. It’s a serious moment! They decide to pick a new king and everything, and there’s even a joke about democracy in Westeros. And there’s a water bottle right behind Samwell Tarly’s leg. We wonder how the (very few) remaining citizens of the capitol feel about the collapse of ocean health.

Plastic pollution never seemed like a real issue in Westeros–dragon fire and zombies are far greater threats to the Westerosi environment than school buses full of straws. But perhaps King Bran the Broken should institute some sort of conservation policy at the Red Keep, because Samwell’s water bottle was not alone–an eagle-eyed fan spotted a second water bottle lurking behind Ser Davos.

After viewers caught a Starbucks cup next to Daenerys (RIP) two weeks ago, HBO released a statement, clarifying that “the latte that appeared in the episode was a mistake. Daenerys had ordered an herbal tea.” Ha, HBO. Good one. (In fact, Daenerys herself, the actress Emilia Clarke, shifted the blame onto Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss in her new interview about the finale with The New Yorker.) will the PR department spin this whole two water bottles thing? Although all things considered, the bottles make more sense than anything else that happened in the finale. Bran the Broken? Brienne’s quick-drying ink? Arya’s Christina Columbus turn? Really?

Except Sansa being named Queen of the North. That was pretty cool.