It's been nearly 24 hours since the Golden Globes Awards, and, well, what can we say? A lot. W's Beauty Editor Katie Becker and I seem to disagree on a few red carpet points, so we decided to take turns. Age before beauty, so I'll go first.

Jane Says:


Veronica Lake must be rolling in her grave
Maybe it's our own fault, since we've been touting the comb-over (see W's February 2013 issue, page 90), but when it's glammed up with waves and forced into submission (Connie Britton, Jessica Alba, Kelly Osbourne, Isla Fisher, Heidi Klum), it's just too Jessica Rabbit for me.


Oh, my darling Clementine
While most of the lips were either berried or nude, I loved the orangey-red tones on Jessica Alba and Salma Hayek.


Easy Spirits
Clearly Thandie Newton, Kate Hudson, and Hayden Panettiere all had their hair “done,” but these ladies are three great examples of hair worn down with effortless beauty.


Hi, this is a hairbrush
It's hard to pull off bed head, especially at an awards show. While I'm not surprised at Helena Bonham Carter's "style," I kind of wish Emily Mortimer had chic-ed the hair up a bit more.


A bun done well never gets old
Sienna Miller, Allison Williams, and the Emilies (Blunt and Deschanel) looked so elegant with their various pinned-up styles.


When we said "up do," we didn't mean it literally
While Eva Longoria's high-slit dress channeled Angelina, her hair channeled Marge Simpson. That being said, I am still dying over Julianne Moore's hair. It was a lot, but it totally showed off her Tom Ford gown and divine earrings to advantage. It was almost like watching A Single Man, the Sequel.


Kiss kiss the bangs
Remember when Rose Byrne showed up last year in that amazing pants suit, then blew us away with her freshly chopped bangs? Anne Hathaway does the topsy bang very well, as does Ms. Dunham, but I prefer seeing Kerry Washington's and Gabby Douglas's entire faces.


Love Me Tendril? No…
I know tendrils are supposed to add softness to the face, but I'd have preferred seeing Adele, Jennifer Garner and Kristen Bell without them. Ditto for that wavy thing drooping over one side of Amy Adams’s face.


The Makeup Scale
I'd like to have seen less makeup on Claire Danes and Jodie Foster, but more on Zosia Mamet and Marion Cotillard.


The hair that ate Sarah Hyland
I think the Modern Family actress is really adorable, but this hair makes her look like an alum of Toddlers and Tiaras.


Thanks, Angelina…
Now that Halle, Eva, Lea Michelle, and Heidi Klum have all pulled the slit skirt thing, I am seriously hoping that women will opt to keep their legs to themselves.

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Photos: Fairchild Archive