Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez in Giambattista Valli.

Who is your doctor? If anyone knows who tends to the complexions of Jennifer Lopez, Jane Fonda, Julianne Moore, Rob Lowe or Brad Pitt, please let us know STAT.

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#selfie #TheGrinder on the road! #GoldenGlobes

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Leave the lenses out? We dug the relaxed maturity of Maura Tierney’s topknot and clunky eyeglasses. Tina Fey would be proud.

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I mean ... #MauraTierney #winner #goldenglobes

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Schedule brow extensions. Or, hell, time for a brow lift! Oh, to have arches like Taraji or Lady Gaga. Could Frownies pull them up if we placed them strategically?

Assess the beard: Please tell us it’s for a role, Jim Carrey. Otherwise, might we suggest the barbers who trimmed Oscar Isaac, David Oyelowo and Ryan Gosling?

Off to the side: Between the Veronica Lake sweeps of Emmy Rossum and Eva Green and J. Lo’s retro flip, it might be time to take that part to a new low.

Are braids ever sophisticated? Be it St. Pauli girl, Tonya Harding, Khaleesi or a Krissy doll, braids are too susceptible to fall into one of these ladies’ camps. If intertwining must be involved, see what Rachel McAdams’ hairstylist did.

Renew that gym membership. Or just buy free weights: Then pin a shot of Regina King’s pipes on your mirror and get going.

Sometimes sleeves are good! Imagine how chic Kate Bosworth would have looked had she been wearing a long sleeved shift from The Row?

Stay out of the sun. I repeat, Stay. Out. Of. The. Sun: We’ve got two words for you: Jaimie Alexander.

Dig that Bumpit out from the bottom of your junk drawer like Katy Perry. On second thought, leave it there.