Good Boys


In the just-released red-band trailer for Good Boys, a preteen comedy aimed at adults, the titular sixth graders vacillate between stunts that are inappropriate, like, say, playing with their parents’ anal beads, and downright dangerous, like, say, trying to cross a busy highway. No one should be crossing a highway! There’s never a right age to do that! Can we please confirm that no boys were harmed in the making of this film?

As the producer Seth Rogen explains, the red-band trailer, i.e. the unrated one not shown in theaters, was not made for kids. That includes the child stars of the movie, most notably Room’s Jacob Tremblay. The movie, which comes out in August, is rated R, so technically Tremblay can’t even go to the premiere, since he is only 12 years old.

Good Boys looks to be something of a prepubescent Superbad; a group of suburban friends (rightly ridiculed in the trailer as “Stranger Things” for riding bikes around their neighborhood) try to scheme their way into a party but end up in trouble with the law and, we assume, their parents. There’s even a getting-booze-while-underage scene in the trailer. A cop, played by Veep’s Sam Richardson, notices that the bulge in one kid’s jeans is too big to not be a beer, no matter how, um, generous your imagination is.

This, along with Hulu’s Pen15, is the latest addition to the niche genre of projects about kids for adults. Oh, and mid90s. And Eighth Grade.

The trailer also features the boys getting in a fight with some frat guys; since this is a movie from “the guys who brought us Neighbors,” we do have to wonder if we can expect a Zac Efron cameo. Does this augur the formation of the Seth Rogen cinematic universe?

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