Natalie Portman and Michelle Williams face off.

The fact that Milan-based conceptual artist Francesco Vezzoli has produced a perfume commercial—even one starring Natalie Portman and Michelle Williams and directed by Roman Polanski—doesn’t seem so outlandish in an age in which commerce and art regularly intersect. But the rub is that the scent in question, Greed, does not exist. The 59-second commercial is actually a Vezzoli artwork which debuted at Rome’s Gagosian gallery on February 6. Filmed at the Plaza Athenee in Paris, the spot features the actresses, clad in custom-made Prada, tussling over a bottle of fragrance. “They were supposed to embody different typologies of characters—Natalie being a brunette, Michelle being a blonde,” says the artist. And as with most drama-filled perfume commercials, dialogue is spare. “They just moan when they fight,” says Vezzoli.