Feeling Fall

Our affection for Lisa Borgnes Giramonti’s blog, A Bloomsbury Life, is no secret. (Check out few-dreary.html">this past post for all the details.) While Borgnes Girmaonti often writes about high-minded subjects like early 20th century literature,...


After eight years in Los Angeles, I have come to accept the fact that the phrase “Fall is in the air” is not one that readily rolls off lips come September. Just the other day, it was in the 90’s. And it doesn’t help matters that having seen Bright Star last week, I am now itching to don long dresses, beribboned jackets and ruffled collars. (If you haven’t seen the movie yet, make haste. It’s Romeo and Juliet meets Project Runway.) The absence of a cold snap, however, does not dampen my excitement for all that autumn brings. Here’s what has my heart palpitating on the home front:

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