Hailey Baldwin

Hailey Baldwin. Photo by Getty Images.

Baldwin, Hailey
The Hollywood progeny writes regrettable tweet about tanning. But don’t worry, you guys, she didn’t mean it to be racist.

Wore jorts shorter than her underwear. Pulled it off.

Bundchen, Gisele
Proves that she has potential as a rock star if this whole “supermodel” thing fizzles out.

Kerr, Miranda
Gives Gisele a run for her money by releasing her first single.

Lau, Susie
The bubble blogger is working on a book, which will hopefully feature all of her best #OOTDs.

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Models her signature Lorde-y purple lipstick in new MAC campaign.

Discontinues the Fuelband. Sorry, stylish sprinters.

Is stocking a line by 13-year-old Isabella Rose Taylor, who makes Tavi feel old.

Nyong’o, Lupita
Named People’s most beautiful person of the year. Duh.

Obama, Michelle
Will open this year’s Costume Institute gala. But what will she wear?!

The UK’s answer to Forever 21 is settling stateside. Get your dollar bills ready.

Proenza Schouler
Released a beauty collection with drool-worthy packaging.

Penn, Dylan
The daughter of Sean Penn and Robin Wright has landed a modeling contract. Will hopefully refrain from tweeting anything inappropriate.

Richardson, Terry
Is in hot water again over an alleged text message.