HAIM Share Hanukkah Song on the Very First Night of Haimukkah

"Sandler we’re coming for you."

Haim, in Dior, before the Guggenheim International Gala Pre-Party. Photo by Alex Hodor-Lee

This evening marks the first night of Hanukkah and, as an early gift, HAIM have shared a new song. “First night of Haimukkah ✡️,” the sister trio tweeted along with a video clip of the song, “Sandler, we’re coming for you.” Even though it’s a holiday-themed song, the track has all of the hallmarks of any HAIM song: It has a mid-tempo beat someone of all ages can get behind, a harmonized chorus, and plenty of Este’s belovd bass face.

Este, who takes the vocal lead on the fun holiday song while draped in silver and blue tinsel, manages to slip in a handful of witty references to Judaism. “Used to do it for me/ My courageous Maccabe,” she sings, in a slapstick exaggerated voice. “Pick me up when I’m down/ Spin my dreidel around/ Shred me like a potato latke/ You be the Manischewitz and I’ll be the vodka/ Like a page out of the Torah, you light me up/ Like a Menorah.” That all comes before Alana Haim joins in from the piano on the chorus: “Light me up/ Like I’m a menorah!”

It’s pretty great, and, should the HAIM sisters ever decide to officially release a studio version, it will definitely stand tall in the cannon of Hanukkah songs, which — perhaps until now — Adam Sandler has become the figurehead of. Until then, we’ll just have to watch the video clip they shared, on repeat.

While they seemingly used their own house as a stage for the Hanukkah song, earlier this year the sisters opened up to W about how far they’ve come since they started out in their parents’ living room. “A lot’s changed. We started the last record rehearsing in our parents’ living room,” Danielle said, of then and now, as they geared up for the release of their second album, 2017’s Something to Tell You. “And now we’re able to tour the world and we’re also the CEOs of a company. So right now, we really feel like strong, empowered women, and I think the record’s just dealing with that.”