Today marks the opening of “Brave,” the latest Disney Pixar creation whose Scottish princess-cum-archery expert Merida has the fiery Titian curls of a young Julia Roberts, circa “Pretty Woman” And the animated heroine isn’t the only gal supporting the glory of carrot tops the world over. A slew of other ladies have been painting the town red this week—at least when it comes to their hair. January Jones took her platinum locks a coppery hue (and added some extensions in for good measure), though the cause is unclear (Fat Betty is experiencing some Joan envy?). The normally flaxen Lily Rabe took a less permanent approach, donning a long flowing ginger wig for her role as Rosalind in Shakespeare in the Park’s production of “As You Like It.” And the models Iselin Steiro and Mirte Maas sport a punkier version—stick straight strands dip dyed a bright cherry hue—in the Prada Fall 2012 campaign. Looking to test-drive the look yourself? Try John Frieda’s Precision Foam Colour in Medium Burgundy, whose easy, drip-free application means you can join their redhead ranks in your own home.


Photos: Brave: Everett Collection, Prada: courtesy of the designer, January Jones: Splash News