At 51 years old, Halle Berry has continued to defy aging. And after quietly turning her Instagram account into a personal health and fitness page in the beginning of January, it's no longer a secret how the actress maintains her incredibly toned physique. Staying true to her fitness goals of 2018, Berry has, along with her longtime trainer, Peter Lee Thomas, curated quite the inspirational wellness hub, filled with detailed boxing and yoga workouts, nutritional practices, guided meditations, and her best motivational tips for her 2.6 million followers. Now the Oscar-winning actress turned health and fitness guru is officially joining the celebrity wellness space with the launch of her new brand, Hallewood.

Taking to Instagram for her weekly #FitnessFriday post, Berry shared, "I believe good heath and wellness is what real beauty is all about. The beauty world is constantly evolving, building a deeper connection between health, wellness, and what we know as being beautiful. A holistic approach to beauty is key.... It’s all about celebrating every dimension of health and wellness," continuing on to announce her partnership with Beautycon Festival’s B-Well experience. Berry's new site will cover a variety of topics, from health and fitness to beauty and style, allowing fans to get an inside look at her holistic lifestyle.

In the ever-growing celebrity wellness space, Berry joins the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz, and Reese Witherspoon. However, we doubt the actress, who says she is in the "best shape of my life," will have any problem making a name for herself.