Joyce Bonelli, the makeup artist and longtime member of the Kardashian/Jenner glam squad, thinks Halloween is a great time to channel your favorite fashion icons. (For her, that means everyone from David Bowie and Madonna to Salvador Dali and Isabella Blow.) With her help (and the right makeup) you should have no problem. "Using waterproof eyeliner and a good contour palette, you could easily change the shape of your face," she explains. Here, the makeup artist reveals her best Halloween makeup tips and tricks to effortlessly transform in your favorite character this year.

Who are the pop culture icons that inspire you?

I’ve always been inspired and obsessed with people like Dali, Guy Bourdin, Perry Ferrell, David Bowie, Isabella Blow, Grace Jones, Freddie Mercury, Brody Dalle, Madonna, Ian Curtis, Snoop Dogg, Oliver Stone, Andy Warhol, Hugh Hefner, Courtney Love and the Beastie Boys. I love anyone who’s brash, has strength, has conquered their world, has a creative mind, inspires, and is glam--but in their own way.

How would you use makeup to become them on Halloween?

If I was going to transform into one of them for Halloween, I would go full on from wigs to transformative facial pieces if needed. I'd start using Diorskin Airflash Spray Foundation ($62, and KKW Powder Contour Kit. For the more vibrant personalities I mentioned, I'd use Illamasqua color eye shadows, MAC Smolder eye pencil ($18, smudged out for the heavy smokey eyes, and Stila Liquid Eye Liner ($22, for the more precise wing lines. Bright blushes as eye shadows for David Bowie or to be one of Guy Bourdin's models.

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What are you favorite products to keep your look in place all night?

I like to use a tiny bit of La Mer Radiant Serum ($335, as a primer and Tatcha setting spray ($48, so that makeup glides on perfectly and skin is protected. If I’m doing a more full coverage look, I’ll use a tinted moisturizer before applying the foundation because it really evens everything out and looks great in photos. To make foundation last longer, I always use a brush to apply it so the layer is thin, not heavy. If I need to, I go back in and press it in with a sponge which removes any excess. You can touch up your makeup (especially on your t-zone if you have oily skin) with a pressed powder or remove the oils with blotting papers. Oh, and I always switch to waterproof eyeliner - it lasts forever!

What are some creative ways to use your everyday makeup for a Halloween-inspired look?

Obviously it depends on the look you’re doing, but for most people, I’d say a waterproof eyeliner and a good contour palette. You could easily change the shape of your face using just those products. A bright lipstick could double as a creative eye color (or even blood!), or you could mix eyeshadow colors to create something totally different. If you're doing creating something gory, your could create more realistic textures by adding glosses and thick swipes of lipstick. Substitute your eye gloss for a lip gloss (it’s stickier and doesn’t drip!). A really cool trick is to heat up your eyelash curler for a little bit with your hairdryer — it will make your curl stay all day and stand straight up. You have to be careful though!

The best way to use your everyday makeup for a Halloween-inspired look is probably to contour/line your face, eyes or brows differently than your normally would. Even if you don’t have specific contouring products, use bronzer. I’ve been doing that for years and it can make you look like you've had work done!

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