The Daily Show’s ‘Song for Women 2017’

Michael Loccisano/Comedy Central

From the Women's March to the #MeToo movement, 2017 truly has been a year about women and the issues we face. That's why The Daily Show's Yearly Show 2017 recap special dedicated an entire song—featuring one Hillary Rodham Clinton on vocals—to the many struggles and triumphs women have experienced in the last 12 months.

In the sketch, which aired on Monday, Daily Show correspondents Desi Lydic and Dulcé Sloan write and record an anthem about all the progress woman have made this year, while fellow correspondent Roy Wood Jr. plays their well-meaning producer (he wants to support women like...l ike a bra!). Lydic plays your average clueless white feminist, blandly praising the general, uh, "feminism thing," requiring a hearty serving of autotune and taking credit for Sloan's ideas. Sloan, meanwhile, has tapped into her inner power and learned to sing and play piano in a single day.

"Started this year marching hand in hand, to show that pussy-grabber with the terrible tan," they croon. "Everywhere I looked a lady resisted; tried to stop Lizzy [Warren] and she persisted." The anthem isn't just about politics, but touches on culture, too. "Wonder Woman set records at the movies. "Who knew you could direct when you have boobies?" the duo points out, adding, "On the charts Cardi B spittin' the fire — Beyoncé had twins, that's double messiah!"

Unfortunately, the ladies can't get through the song without DJ Mansplain showing up to tell them how bad they have it, and he actually totally gets it, because he's a father of a daughter. But the anthem is snatched back from the clutches of the patriarchy when the one and only Hillary Clinton takes the mic for a riff that is definitely her real voice and not a dub at all. Girl's got the range. Kudos to whichever producer convinced HRC's people to put "stand in a recording studio and open your mouth for five seconds" on her daily agenda.

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