Fashion Week 101

Brush up on all the important facts.

Barbra Streisand

Here are five things you didn’t know (or already forgot) about fashion week. Take notes.

1. Skylight at Moynihan Station Has a Stamp on History In its heyday, Moynihan Station, one of two new Fashion Week venues, processed 90% of the mail in the United States.

2. Givenchy Isn’t the First Brand to Show to the Public In 2011, Moncler did a “flash mob” show in Grand Central Station with 363 model/dancers and 200 background actors meant to look like commuters.

3. There Were Always Trans Models You just may not have known, or they weren’t being hired by mainstream brands. April Ashley, who appeared in the pages of Vogue more than once, is reportedly the first transgender model; she was outed against her will by Sunday People in 1961.

4. Barbara Streisand Was One of the First Celebs to Sit Front Row Believe it or not, there was a time when most celebrities didn’t give a hoot about fashion week. Barbara Streisand was one of the first to take notice. She attended a Chanel show in 1966, where she sat front row in a loud leopard print.

5. Prada Did Geek Chic Way Before Gucci Miuccia Prada’s groundbreaking Spring 1996 show was revenge of the nerds all the way.