Hit Man

A Parisian DJ's playlist.


Having spent a decade working with famed DJ Michel Gaubert, Sebastien Perrin has learned a thing or two about spinning tunes. Of most importance: “No rules,” says the 35-year-old Paris-based sound designer. Indeed, the mantra has served Perrin well since he struck out on his own two years ago, garnering an impressive list of gigs. Last fashion season alone he spun LCD Soundsystem for Joseph Altuzarra’s runway show, DJ’ed French Vogue’s swanky masquerade ball, hired a pianist from Versailles to play contemporary rock for The Row’s presentation in Paris, and mixed the American Beauty soundtrack with minimal techno for Phillip Lim’s fifth-anniversary blowout, held on Beijing’s Forbidden City wall. “That was something I’ll never forget,” says Perrin. “Everybody was crying.” So what’s on his playlist this season?

Antony and the Johnsons, “Salt Silver Oxygen”: “Antony’s world-famous tremolo voice combined with the orchestral crescendo of the season, in my opinion.”

Aufgang, “Channel 7”: “It reminds me of the scary movies I used to watch when I was a kid, with an added sense of speed and danger.”

Chromeo, “J’ai Claque La Porte”: “An elegant and ironic love story, mixed by Philippe Zdar from Cassius. Translated, it means ‘I slammed the door.’”

Chilly Gonzales, “I am Europe (Claude Vonstroke Dub)”: “With its choppy beats and vocal bits, it’s a very sexy, uplifting song. It carries me away.”

Deine Lakaien, “Europe”: “A hypnotizing, futuristic take on Sixties French pop.”

Maximum Balloon, “If You Return (FEAT. Little Dragon)”: “This song, written by TV On the Radio’s Dave Sitek, perfectly captures the feeling of really fancying someone.”

Zola Jesus, “Night” and “Lightstick”: “The contrast between her beautiful voice and the bare music makes us all vulnerable listeners.”