For most people I know, going home means catching up with the old gang, seeing the folks, and sleeping in. On a recent trip home to Seattle, however, I made a point of visiting the local headquarters of everyone’s favorite skincare gadget Clarisonic. Not only did I get a tour, I also took a spot in the assembly line at the on-site factory (which churns out 15,000 units each day) and made my own Clarisonic Mia.

Each Mia takes three minutes to assemble—if you know what you’re doing, that is! Even with the guidance of an army of (very friendly) employees guiding my through each step, it took me more like 15 minutes. But now I can proudly say that I know this cult favorite beauty tool—which purportedly cleans skin six times better than hands alone—outside and in.

The most popular colors are pink and white (mine is purple) and the new colors for spring include sea breeze blue, passion fruit pink, and key lime green. Clarisonic also has some new never-knew-you-needed-it-but-now-you’re-addicted beauty gadgets in the works. Stay tuned for more on that later.

(Big thanks to Rachel Stroback and Zachary Tolbert for the tour!)