How to Deal with Trump Stress? Spa Time and 10 Other Options for Self-Care

From bath time to yoga class, 11 suggestions for some deserved me time after Tuesday’s presidential election.

Illustrations by Jonny Ruzzo, GIF by Biel Parklee.

The 2016 presidential election was filled with anxiety and consternation long before the election of Donald J. Trump. From the steady drip of negative articles about both of the candidates to the mounting concern over vacillating polls numbers, the country hasn’t really taken a break from constant mudslinging for over a year. Then, Tuesday happened, and a nation’s heart collectively sank. But before we roll up to sleeves and get to work in support of the numerous progressive causes that need help, editors here at W are taking some much-need me time. Here, some 11 options for some necessary self-care in a trying and turbulent time.

“My bathtub has always been my sanctuary; I’ve just found myself hiding in it more and more lately. I fire up my Skandinavisk candle in Skog (Danish for “Forest’, fill the tub with Kniepp Eucalyptus Bath Oil and watch “The Crown” on my iPad.” —Jane Larkworthy, Executive Beauty Director

“I’m getting together with my girlfriends at Hortus Nailworks to surround ourselves in some good vibes in a great space. Because nothing says we aren’t giving up like a firm handshake with a clean manicure.” —Mia Adorante, Associate Beauty Editor

“I’m breaking out in anxiety pimples, so I need to kick back with a glass of red wine while wearing a Tony Moly I’m Real Red Wine Sheet Mask.” —Emilia Petrarca, Associate Features Editor

“I’m currently obsessed with all things OLLY. I take their wellness boost gummies regularly – I love Vibrant Skin and Undeniable Beauty – but I think I will be reaching for [Goodbye Stress] ( while I am in the Catskills trying to forget about this upsetting week.” —Kristin Tice Studeman, Contributing Editor

“I’ll be at the Great Jones Spa. Three hours in the water lounge and an hour massage really helps me escape of all the grime, usually from the city grime, but now just the grime of reality.” —Tracey Zane, Associate Branded Content Director

“My first impulse after the first day of mourning – and that’s what it is, by the way – was to go underwater like Benjamin Braddock in The Graduate. Luckily, such a place exists in Manhattan to drown all the noise, minus the Simon & Garfunkel (though occasionally they have live acoustic flamenco guitarists playing). A 90-minute thermal bath at Aire Ancient Baths will not only relax you as much as possible in this climate, but give you a necessary bath after all the mudslinging this election.” —Erik Maza, Digital Features Director

“As the results of the election started to come in on Tuesday night, and it became clear that Donald Trump was winning, a stress pimple began growing on my chin. When I woke up in the morning, it was enormous, angry, and, dare I say, orange. I’ll be soothing my skin at Ling New York, with a Charcoal Detox Facial, in the near future.” —Sarah Leon, Digital Editorial Director

“I’ll be spending some quality time with the Eminence Clear Skin Probiotic Masque. The cooling sensation is much needed, given that I’ve been attempting to chill out since Tuesday.” —Sharlyn Pierre, Researcher

“I love PRIV—it’s so convenient; manicures, pedicures, massages and a blow dry all come home to you. And it allows me not to have aggravating conversations at the salon about the awful president elect.” —Grace Fuller, Jewelry Editor

“I’m starting with taking the Yang Yin class at Modo Yoga. The class has live music, which helps me find my balance. Then I’ll follow it up with Dr. Hauschka’s Moor Lavender Calming Body Oil to relax after a very long week.” —Courtney Costello, Fashion Assistant

“I use Olbas Oil whenever I feel stressed or anxious, and as a massage oil to help stimulate circulation. The Swiss aromatherapy oil is a mix of six essential oils that smells like peppermint.” —Sam Andriano, Social Media Manager