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Taylor Swift has finally released the music video for her newest single Look What You Made Me Do during the 2017 MTV VMAs and fans promptly lost their minds. But now, you can own a piece of this shady history.

While we're still watching the video on repeat and dissecting every last scene, Swift is giving the people what they want: instantly iconic merch from the video. Though the pop star was conspicuously absent from this year's MTV VMA awards, she clearly planned an elaborate roll out of the world premiere. One of the shadiest moments was the I <3 T.S. crop tops background dancers wore in one scene—obviously calling out that time Tom Hiddleston wore a similar tank top at Taylor's 2016 Fourth of July weekend party. Now stans can show their love too because Taylor is selling similar crop tops on her website.

The official embroidered tee will set you back $50 and won't ship until September 12. But that's not all you can take away from the Look What You Made Me Do video. UPS posted on Twitter that pieces of the floor signed by Swift (and other prizes) will be given out to random fans who pre-order Reputation through their site between now and the November 10 release date. Other products Swift is selling on her website include shirts with the Reputation album cover art, a "rep" sweater and various snake motifs.

Ok, back to dissecting every single easter egg queen Taylor planted for us.

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