Though I've only been at it this for like five minutes, I've already been wrist-slapped by a fellow fashion blogger. (My crime: getting invited to too many shows. Bad, bad Dana.) But at least Stylecaster's Lyz Mancini did me the major favor of running a gorgeous pic to go along with her review of my new blog. The only problem: It was of author and New York society figure Kathy Freston, not moi.

[#image: /photos/585396119c190ec57ac08c84]||||||Mistaken identity: Kathy Freston (left) and "The Outsider" (right).

I think I know how this happened. As my unofficial mentor for all things glamorous yet vegan (see what I'm talking about here), I've tapped Kathy's tips for scoring amazing pleather purses and shoes. For cruelty-free style tips she's so the go-to gal.

I only wished I looked like Kathy Freston. Not only is she crazy-beautiful, but she's changing the world. Me, I'm just running around town in my Birks trying to see a few spring frocks.