A new Berlin clothing company is determined to keep its offerings strictly for those in the know. In order to purchase items from Vonrosen—launched last summer by German entrepreneur David von Rosen–von Hoewel—one must apply by submitting a personal essay to the company’s Web site. “We’re not at all looking for financial information. We’re not at all looking for people in specific jobs,” he insisted. “It’s more the other way around: I want to have a very diverse customer base.”

[#image: /photos/58539d2e6666b2eb4762e0dc]|||||| The members-only policy might rub people the wrong way if the clothes, including both women’s and men’s wear priced between $180 and $680 and accessories that can go up to $980, weren’t so terrific. There are multi-ply silk blouses, architectural dresses, cardigans and pullovers knit from supple Italian cashmere.

“Living in Berlin, I do have a great interest in architecture, a great interest in Bauhaus, for example,” said von Rosen–von Hoewel. Yet his vision is executed by others; the founder of a venture capital company, he can’t draw or sew. “That’s not my strength,” he said, laughing.