Five minutes with Isaac Mizrahi, gallerista

From the aisles of Target to Bravo's The Fashion Show, Isaac Mizrahi seems to have a finger in every pie—literally, now that he's announced he'll be selling baked goods on a new QVC show of...

by Sara Gartman


So now you’re a curator? I have a hard time using the term “curator”—the process felt more personal than that. I just wanted to put together a show based on things that inspire me, in this case the artists who have influenced me. I suggested the idea to Julie and then the exhibit just kind of came together.

Tell us a little about how you picked the artists. It’s a group of artists that I have collected or am influenced by. Like Lisa Sanditz, who demonstrates the “silver lining” quality, and Wayne Thiebaud whose use of irony really speaks to you. And I am just awed by Julie Sherman. My “Candy Store” collection for Spa 2010 was influenced by the colors in her work.

What was the inspiration behind Summer Pictures? Is there a central theme? I don’t like themes, except in retrospect. If I could rename the show now I would call it “Silver Lining.” The collection demonstrates a way of looking at things in a new light; colors, irony and happiness all in juxtaposition.

Did you have any great revelations along the way? Well, there are great lessons to be learned about life from assembling a show. I learned a lot about the process of editing and setting a meaningful tone.

And finally, tell us how you’re planning to spend your downtime the rest of this summer. Cook way too much and eat way too much! I could never lose my lust for appetite. I actually never lose my passion for anything I do—it just builds and builds.

Gallery photos: Helen Klisser During; pie photo via Isaac Mizrahi’s blog