[#image: /photos/585387fd6666b2eb4762d9d2]||||||In the ultimate no-stones-unturned move, an enterprising Boston designer has stitched together a birthing dress. Yes, an honest to goodness, all-access frock for the labor & delivery room. It seems Daniela Corte, while packing her hospital bag on the eve of the arrival of her first child, came up short in the cute-things-to-wear-while-you're-pushing department. So she grabbed a bolt of organic cotton jersey (oddly, she just happened to have one lying around) and started slicing. Within minutes, she had a prototype of the $98.00 Dar-a-luz, which, translated from Spanish, means "to give birth." But here's the thing: It's actually pretty chic, particularly in the steel blue shade. And for new mama bears who are secure in their vanity, it beats the pants off a ghastly pale teal gown when you're posing, bleary-eyed, for those all-important first pics.