From left: Clark James, Mirabelle Marden

Jack Purcell, the lesser-known Converse cousin to the Chuck Taylor, is breaking out on its own with a new ad campaign. Shot by Todd Selby (of The Selby fame), the ads feature the privileged offspring of prominent people who are now making a name for themselves. The bright young things featured include Clark James, grandson of Clark Gable; Mirabelle Marden, daughter of Brice Marden; Harry McNally, son of Keith McNally; and Skye Forsyth-Peters, daughter of film producers John Peters and Christine Forsyth-Peters. All are pictured with the signature "smiling" toe of the Jack Purcell superimposed as their own smile. Hey, if you were as beautiful, pedigreed, and getting paid to hawk sneakers, you'd be happy too.


From left: Harry McNally, Skye Forsyth-Peters

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