Tiny Jacquemus Bag Memes Have Been Reborn

What could you fit in a Mini Chiquito?

Jacquemus Mini Chiquito
Photo by Richard Bord/WireImage

When designer Simone Porte Jacquemus showed “Le Mini Chiquito” bag at his autumn/winter 2019 show in Paris, a million memes were born. An even smaller version of the already ludicrously tiny Chiquito purse, the Mini Chiquito was so small as to be non-functional, an accessory clearly created for Instagram. Models wore them dangling from their fingertips.

Everything in fashion these days is either giant or tiny, a ubiquitous selection of garments and accessories created mostly for #content purposes. As writer Rachel Tashjian put it in GQ, “there’s nothing special about hats, sneakers, or crossbody bags, but change their size, and they’re suddenly miraculous. That may sound cynical, like designers aren’t doing work. But aren’t they saying something about the way we think of our stuff?”

Jacquemus still rules the petite. The Mini Chiquitos were shown in March, which, as far as the Internet is concerned, was about five years ago. But thanks to the mysterious resurgence of one simple, viral tweet, the memes have returned! What could you fit in a Mini Chiquito? Many were eager to answer.

Images of the bags have been out for quite a while, though. Perhaps it’s time to find a new fashion meme. Will Demna hear our pleas?

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