While dramatic color transformations, chic lobs, and subtle silver locks continue to reign supreme on the red carpet, actress Jaime King is the latest join in on the 80's throwback hair trend quickly sweeping Hollywood salons. Over the weekend, King posted on Instagram about going to the L.A.-based salon Mare for her dramatic new perm.

Dubbing her hair transformation on Instagram as a "modern perm" to her 1 million followers, King shared a playful sneak peak of her salon visit with an equally entertaining caption: "Burgers and a perm ✔️ with the amazing @bykileyfitz ? Thank you @mararoszak ❤️"". The Hart of Dixie actress did indeed pose with a burger in hand and curlers in her hair, going on to admit that the reinvented 80's hairstyle was, she said, her "first perm since the 3rd grade!" The 38-year-old blonde beauty continued on to share the finishing touches of her newly crimped curls with tousled, shaggy bangs.

Taking a cue from actress Emma Stone, who recently underwent a perm herself, King put herself under the care of hairstylists Mara Roszak and Kiley Fitzgerald, the same stylists who transformed the La La Land's star's fiery red locks last week along with Stone's friend and makeup artist, Rachel Goodwin. The actress and her longtime friend also documented their trip to the salon on Instagram, with Goodwin sharing, "we have a permanent bond! Some friends get tattoos, well we get perms! We’re here to tell you that they are BACK and theyre not your grandmas perm!".

For King, whose has always been quite adventurous on the red carpet when it comes to her hair, this further proves that experimenting with a perm seems not the risky business it once was. And just like the perm itself, the trend may be temporary, but these starlets prove that, for the moment at least, curly is the new straight.