Model Jane Moseley Recommends Kale, Tortilla Chips, and "Some Acid"

Jane Moseley

Jane Moseley. Photographed by Michael Beckert. Produeced by Biel Parklee.

Modeling was never Jane Moseley’s plan. The 28-year-old artist dabbled in campaigns as a teenager, but it wasn’t until a fortuitous Balenciaga exclusive (obtained through a friend; friends had encouraged her all her life to go for the modeling thing, and now she's started to listen) that her runway career took off. Since Fashion Week wrapped, Moseley has been traveling non-stop — a Los Angeles native, she paused in New York on the return from Spain, just before jetting off to Tokyo — and riding the wave of demand that followed her runway debut.

Though her mother modeled, and Moseley has been adjacent to fashion throughout her life, her personal style remains casual — more street style than runway. (“I have a weird silver-lamé suit that’s pretty rad,” she says, noting her penchant for “loud things.” “But then I’m like, I can’t go to the grocery in it,” she adds. “I mean, I can, but I don’t have the tenacity to do it.”) Here, the artist-turned-model offers a rundown of her similarly minimalist beauty routine — and, like any good Angeleno, it involves kale.

Never leave the house without: Chapstick.

Beauty from the inside out: I try and eat kale a lot and drink water.

Exercise regime: Since moving to LA, I feel like a veal, I hike every so often.

Snack of choice: Have’a Tortilla chips.

Beauty essentials: Avène light moisturizer and sunscreen.

Skincare splurge: Love to throw some acid (salicylic or glycolic) on my face.

Spa-cation at: My house, it's grim.

Always in your suitcase: My panda neck bean bag.

Always in your bag: Eyebrow comb, haha.

Fragrance of choice: My flesh.

Nighttime look: Little brown eyeshadow and a tinted lip.

Best advice from mom: Leave your skin alone.

Best advice from the pros: Moisturize.

Beauty icons: Charlotte Rampling.