Jared Leto Thinks Someone Stole His Gucci Head From the Met Gala

The man has lost his head.

The 2019 Met Gala Celebrating Camp: Notes On Fashion - Arrivals
Karwai Tang/Getty Images

Jared Leto has lost his head.

In May, Leto, a friend of Gucci designer Alessandro Michele and the brand itself, wore a Gucci look to the 2019 Met Gala that became an instant classic. In an echo of the house’s fall 2018 runway show, Leto carried a replica of his own head to the event. The head had long, silky hair and piercing blue eyes just like Leto’s. People posed with it all night (there is a particularly cursed photo of Leto with Kendall Jenner and Jeff Bezos), smiling with the head. How Henry VIII.

The head was a hit. But when GQ’s Rachel Tashjian asked Leto what he did with the copy of his head after the Met Gala, he said that doesn’t know where it went. “Honestly, I have no idea,” said Leto. “I think someone may have stolen it. If anyone out there finds it, bring it in to your nearest Gucci store in exchange for a pair of dirty sneakers.”

If somebody really did steal the head, it doesn’t seem like Leto will get it back. Makinarium, the Italian special effects firm that made the heads for the original Gucci show, told The Cut that each head cost about €25,000, though they could swing it for €10,000.

Leto sounded pretty casual about losing this enormously expensive piece of Donna Haraway-inspired art, but perhaps the whole experience was just too painful to really get into. The actor, 30 Seconds to Mars frontman, and famous illiterate really, really adores Gucci – remember when he fell in love with that coat?

“They’re [Gucci staffers] an incredible group of people,” Leto told GQ. “So talented, so gifted. I feel really fortunate to work with Alessandro and this motley crue of artists and craftspeople that he’s put together.”