Jemima Jones

Jemima Jones, at her family’s home in London, wears a Lanvin dress; her own jewelry.

Photographer: Angelo Pennetta
Stylist: Gianluca Longo

Working in fashion—as a model and, later, as a producer and assistant editor—Jemima Jones had one major complaint: “You’d go on a big-budget shoot and the food was never great!” So two and a half years ago, she started a catering company, Tart London, with her friend Lucy Carr-Ellison. They drive their pop-up kitchen to fashion shoots with photographers like Tim Walker, Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, and David Sims. Their emphasis on stunning presentation and quality ingredients—think farmers market salads with edible flowers—has also curried favor with celebrity fans including Kate Moss, Penélope Cruz, and Kate Winslet. Jones and Carr-Ellison are currently working on a cookbook, a pop-up restaurant, and, they hope, a permanent eatery. This, despite Jones’s lack of formal culinary training. “Food was just always on my brain,” says the 26-year-old, who was born in Toronto and raised in London. It’s a quality her husband, the financier Ben Goldsmith, appreciates—even as he often finds himself on dish duty at home. “I just sit back, and he cleans the whole kitchen,” Jones says. “It’s wonderful.”

Hair by Luke Hersheson at Art + Commerce; makeup by Gemma Smith-Edhouse at LGA Management. Photography assistants: Jack Day, Rob Willey. Fashion assistants: Wojtek Warzecha.