Why Jenny Walton Is the Latest Street Style Darling

Jenny Walton

Photo by Scott Schuman, The Sartorialist.

If Wes Anderson were to imagine the character of fashion week street style star, she would probably look a lot like Jenny Walton. The 26-year-old illustrator and current fashion director at The Sartorialist has mastered sophisticated cuteness with a love of vintage, Pinterest, and of course, a perfectly curated Instagram. She can be spotted on the streets of New York, Paris, and Milan with her signature girlish hair braid, charming photographers like Scott Schuman (who also happens to be her boyfriend), and looking like she's the only one having any fun. When Walton isn't having her picture taken, she's perched on the sidelines, doodling in her notebook all the best looks she just saw on the runway.

Fashion director at The Sartorialist, illustrator.

Three words to describe your style:
Simple, Classic, Refined.

Style icon:
Audrey Hepburn.

Favorite stores in New York:
Murray’s Bagels and Casa Magazines.

Favorite vintage stores in New York:
Screaming Mimi’s & Beacon’s Closet.

Where to get art supplies:
New York Central Art Supply.

Bookmarked e-commerce destinations:
I like Moda Operandi, Net-a-Porter, and Etsy.

Stores you visit while traveling for fashion week:
Colette in Paris, 10 Corso Como in Milan, and the vintage stores of SoHo in London.

Standout shows you saw this past season:
I thought Gucci and Marc Jacobs were the best.

Something you borrow from the boys:
I just bought a little boys blazer at Crew Cuts, (so literally it’s from the boys). From the men, I would say a tuxedo shirt.

Best recent discovery:
Satyajit Ray (right now I’m watching The Apu Trilogy, but I started with The Music Room and really fell in love with him and the music).

Style pet peeve:
Tote bags (or when my socks fall down inside my shoes).

Last purchase:
Vintage polka dot dress from Beacon’s Closet.

Lusting after:
Simone Rocha everything.

Nighttime look:
My hair is back most of the time but I like this especially at night (with a pair of great earrings).

Always carry with you/travel with:
Pen and paper.

Something you would never wear:
Overalls, frilly socks, or coordinated outfits with my two sisters (I grew up in the nineties so I’m good to go on all of these).

Most prized possessionsmaye in your closet:
My vintage leather L.L. Bean bag because I carry it everyday.

Favorite accessories you own:
A vintage pair of rhinestone screwback earrings that I wear most days.

Fashion week survival kit:
Thinking about what you’ll wear ahead of time and being very excited about it.

Street style winners (both your own and others):
Good coats in the winter and a good body in the summer!

Something you can’t wait to wear when it gets warm out:
Straw baskets as bags.

Where you go for inspiration:
The Sartorialist, Randomitus.tumblr.com, and Pinterest (which is as it turns out, much more than just vegan banana bread recipes), there are some great old photos on Pinterest. Also there is a great book by Elizabeth Walker called Style Book: Fashionable Inspirations, that I always keep by my desk.

5 Instagram accounts you like to follow:
@TheSartorialist, @C_L_O, @PpennyLane, @HouseofWaris, @Differ.TV, @WESANDERSONFANCLUB

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