In Bed with Jeremy Kost

And a slew of half-naked male models.

Francesco Brunetti

What: An intimate party to kick off Pride Week and celebrate photographer Jeremy Kost’s new Instagram project, “Tangible.”

When: Tuesday, June 23rd.

Where: The New York EDITION hotel.

Who: Actress Rose McGowan—a close friend of Kost—was joined by a cast of male models who lounged around the hotel room in nothing but their underwear.

Why: Never miss an opportunity to Instagram yourself in bed with a skivvies-clad male model!

Photos: In Bed with Jeremy Kost

Mondo Compiani and David Simonetti. Photo by

Jeremy Kost and Johannes Huebl. Photo by

Mario Adrion. Photo by

Rose McGowan. Photo by

Will Hawkins, Mario Adrion, and Francesco Brunetti. Photo by

Francesco Brunetti at Jeremy Kost’s book launch.

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