Jessica Lange Ranked Her Favorite Seasons of American Horror Story

And her answers will definitely surprise you.

ROBYN BECK/Getty Images

Jessica Lange, icon, beyond-worthy Ryan Murphy muse, gave an interview to awards-focused website Gold Derby in which she ranked her favorite seasons of American Horror Story (the ‘80s-set season 9 premieres this fall). Lange has appeared on five iterations of the series–Murder House (Season 1), Asylum (Season 2), Coven (Season 3), Freak Show (Season 4) and Apocalypse (Season 8). An essential cast member, she was well-rewarded for her efforts, receiving two Primetime Emmys, a Golden Globe, and countless other accolades for her performances.

And in the interview, she was refreshingly honest, giving answers that may shock some longtime fans. She even admitted to having never watched the most recent season, in which she appeared in just one episode. “I never saw Apocalypse, so I don’t know [where it would rank],” she said. Lol.

Lange’s least favorite season? Coven, a major crowd-pleaser (BALENCIAAAAGA!) in which Lange played the hilariously bitchy supreme witch Fiona Goode. “I was stunned that year to get the Emmy for that part,” she told Gold Derby. “The part was very well-written. I didn’t particularly like the whole set-up and season and story we were telling. … It was not my favorite.”


Lange put her role as Constance Langdon in Murder House in third place, followed by her part as Elsa Mars (her last regular role on the series) in Freak Show in second. “My very favorite, just from the experience of doing it, was Freak Show, although I think Asylum was the better season,” she said. And of course her favorite season is Asylum, widely regarded as AHS’s best and creepiest installment.

Lange stopped performing regularly in American Horror Story after its fourth season. In a 2016 interview with now-disgraced talk show host Charlie Rose, Lange explained her choice. “I had four years with that, four seasons, and each year was a marvelous character,” she said. “Everything changed from one year to another, which made it very interesting to me. But, no. I think sometimes you come to the end of something.”