Jill Kargman Is In

The actress celebrates her new Bravo TV show “Odd Mom Out” with the best of the uptown set.

Harry Kargman, Jill Kargman, Kids

“The Upper East Side is having a real moment,” remarked one resident of the 10021 zip code Wednesday night at the Cinema Society premiere of Bravo’s new scripted comedy “Odd Mom Out” (which airs officially on June 8th). There was, perhaps, no better environment in which to make such an observation—though many would argue the UES has been a source of both ridicule and intrigue for years—given that “Odd Mom Out” slyly satirizes the absurdity of UES mother culture and wealth in general through the eyes of Jill Weber, a woman at the bottom of the one percent (played by Jill Kargman, who also created and co-wrote the series).

At a screening at Florence Gould Hall, guests sipped grapefruit cocktails garnished with flowers and picked at cheese and fruit platters—Joanna Cassidy, who plays Jill Weber’s imperious mother-in-law desperately reached for a pineapple sliver, “I just need something!”—and observed the step and repeat scene. Once in the auditorium, Frances Berwick, head of NBC Universal’s Lifestyle group (which owns Bravo), cheekily informed attendees that there were vans ready to drive them to the after party as soon as the premiere was over.

“It’s wheels up outside, waiting to take you to Casa Lever six blocks away,” she joked of in keeping with the show’s theme. “You can probably walk there faster, but we won’t shame you if you don’t.”

“June is the new Christmas. Everyone is busy with post-school things, thank you all for coming,” said Kargman, clearly touched enough by the turnout to drop her normal shtick. “You’re all here because you’re important to New York City.”

After two episodes of raucous laughter, it was off to Casa Lever where Julianna Margulies, Katie Couric, Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent, and John and Lizzie Tisch helped Kargman celebrate alongside her beaming parents, Coco and Arie Kopelman. And contrary to a—spoiler alert—running no bread joke in the show, many guests happily tucked into the grilled cheese sandwiches going by and continued the party later inside the Lever House restaurant.

“Jill is going to be pinching herself tomorrow,” said a proud and glowing Coco Kopelman.

Photos: Jill Kargman Is In

Harry Kargman, Jill Kargman, and Kids. Photo by Josephine Solimene.

Sean Kleier. Photo by Josephine Solimene.

Alina Cho. Photo by Josephine Solimene.

Nancy Banks, Julianna Margulies, and Katie Couric. Photo by Josephine Solimene.

Joanna Cassidy. Photo by Josephine Solimene.

Jill Kargman and Coco Kopelman. Photo by Josephine Solimene.

Andy Buckley and Julie Rottenberg. Photo by Josephine Solimene.

Nate Berkus. Photo by Josephine Solimene.

KK Glick and Arie Kopelman. Photo by Josephine Solimene.

Abby Elliott. Photo by Josephine Solimene.

Jennifer Creel. Photo by Josephine Solimene.

Vanessa Bayer. Photo by Josephine Solimene.