Julia Nobis

Julia Nobis. Photo by @JuliaNobis.

Australian model Julia Nobis, who climbed the rooftops of Istanbul for W Magazine’s November issue, is a minimalist when it comes to her beauty routine. Here she reveals her morning makeup routine, favorite products, and more.

Your look in three words:
Relaxed, lazy, chill. Other people have used the term effortless, which is much nicer, though not quite as precise.

Five-minute routine:
Step 1. Try to remember to put on moisturizer and lip balm before leaving the house. Step 2. Forget to do Step 1. Step 3. Realize that you're a genius and always have moisturizer and lip balm in bag. Step 4. Complete Step 1 at own leisure.

Never leave the house without:
See above. Also, always keep a few Band-Aids in your bag. Shoes can be brutal, as can the real world.

Beauty from the inside out:
Confidence is more beautiful any product.

Exercise regime:

Beauty essentials:
Sukin Eye Serum at night, Bioderma Hydrabio Moisturiser, and when my skin gets really dry (like in the winter or during fashion week) I use Sukin Purely Ageless Botanical Hydration Booster. I buy my Sukin products in Australia.

Skincare secret:
You can make a very decent body scrub using nothing but equal parts sugar, preferably raw, and olive oil. I have done this in a hotel room using room service supplies. Worked as a treat, tasted awful though.

Hair remedy:
Not a remedy, but just a few drops of oil on the ends of your hair helps quite a bit.

In-tub must-read:
I hate taking baths; 5-minute showers are my thing.

Fragrance of choice:
Bottega Veneta Knot.

Best advice from mom:
My mother is allergic to pretty much every cream ever created, so we only ever used Sorbolene growing up. That stuff is pure magic for sensitive skin.