This July is a time of receptivity. As you'll see in your July horoscope, it's about listening and feeling and allowing the past to be the past without fear or chaos. Lean in to this. Don’t be afraid to have important and difficult conversations and set aside the needed time for them. The new moon on July 2 will be in Cancer and you’ll feel almost everything. The full moon on July 16 will be in Capricorn and it will bring you from feeling into action. Remember that both are important.

Yours in the stars and on Earth,
The Astro Poets


You have the ability to get what you want whenever you decide to. You're quite impulsive, but you're also hard-working. The problem is, this month you'll decide on two things that are opposed to one another. They have to do with your personal life and how your friendships are related to your current romantic partner or obsession. Be careful how you engage with both of these people. You’ll want to manipulate certain situations so as to appear like you’ll give both parties what they want. But you might not be able to. July is a month for radical honesty—at least for you. Tell your partner(s) and friends exactly where you are coming from. Don’t hide behind anything.


With traveling so much this past month, you will long to settle into July with lots of home activities. Of course, the weather won’t allow you to nestle away as completely as you like, and you’ll receive many invitations to parties and events that sound tempting. You’ll also find that traveling has done a lot for you when you aren’t out and about. Take the time to enjoy setting up your new knickknacks from faraway places above your fireplace, or wherever you keep them. Love continues to look up and you’ll find yourself asking for commitment from your loved ones. Ask yourself: is this what you really want? Your wishes may not be as simple as you think.


At times it seems like this entire year has been a dark cloud, slowly growing lighter. July will turn up that light even more, although it won’t make things easier immediately. Things have been hard for you in terms of love (and breakups), and in terms of your career too. There’s a vision for your life you keep flirting with but haven’t committed to entirely. It’s time to think long and hard and commit to it. Don’t seek advice or look for exterior validation this month. Take some time to really think about your passions and what excites you about being alive, and being yourself. Your break up, your career—they don’t entirely define you. You’re a Gemini. You contain multitudes. Think about the word "vocation."

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You would do so well if you keep to your old routine. And yet, life does not want you to settle. You will have jolts of new energy these next few weeks. It's time to use them, and face what you’ve been putting off head-on. The good news is, this will be exciting. But is that what you actually want? You may not have a choice in the matter. On the job front, your career is booming and you will want to capitalize on this moment. You have a tendency to say yes to most opportunities that come your way, and right now, you may want to do so more than usual. Last but not least, get ready to glam it up this month and indulge in expanding your wardrobe. You know you want to.


You’ve turned your focus to your love life and the domestic realm. This is all fine and good, but it’s not going to excite you for that much longer. You need to get back on stage, whatever that means for you and your passion. Essentially, every Leo is an entertainer and needs to be looked at. Leos provide relief from the world for many people. It’s July and exactly the right time to get out there and be more social than you have been. You need to feel like you’re fun again. You need to go out dancing or plan a party. You also might need to sit down and write a long letter about all the things you want—the things that have nothing to do with who your partner is and the life you’ve built with them. What is the more that you're searching for? Now's the right time to ask.


You've been in the mood for industry quite a bit these last few months. It will be so good for you to keep going and to pursuing opportunities that help you reach your long-term professional goals. Every star in the sky is shining brightly as you seek out what matters most to you. Now you must question what exactly that is. Is it love? Financial success? Fame? Respect? You can have everything you want but you must be certain of your priorities first. Keep pushing and plugging away. It’s what you’re good at. Use your strengths wisely and the world will give you great things. Remember how strong you are when you take care of yourself first, and then others.


You’re slowly becoming a version of yourself you never thought you would. This has had to do with a new person entering your life. It could be a lover, it could be an unexpected friend. If they haven’t come yet, they will by the end of summer. But even all your personal changes are leading up to you meeting them. And they will enhance these changes. Focus on your interiority this month. Libras perform the exterior so well. No one ever really knows what’s going on in that cerebral head of yours. Give yourself more space to feel this month. Give yourself the luxury of not texting back.


Although you're someone who can face great change—you have an enormous reserve of strength—you may not be ready for what's in store. You’ve spent a lot of time waiting for an answer, and an answer is about to come your way. You should rethink your professional goals and how best to get there. Perhaps you need to pursue other professional options in order to achieve what truly moves you. A project that has been lingering the past few months will come to fruition. Is it all just a dream? Not a chance. You are the catalyst, and also what keeps it all going.


It may feel like you’ve lost your way a bit this summer. You might even have felt happier this time last year, with less things going on. Don’t let the days convince you that you’re going backward. You aren’t. But the truth is, you’ll have to introduce more discipline into your life and let some distractions go. You know the ones. You know what you’ve been indulging. There is a great orange light at the end of this year which you’re going to get to. Think of that light. It represents a project you’ve always wanted to complete. Would you rather have that or the momentary pleasures of the moment? You know you want that light. It’s what really keeps you going.


Sometimes people think of you as conservative, but that's just an oversimplification of who you really are. You're extremely wide-reaching in your ability to see all facets of a situation, problem, or idea—all opposites of a conservative perspective. Perhaps what they mean is that you can be reserved in your judgments and reticent in your approach to everyday concerns. Who knows the real you? Do you know yourself? This month will give you some trials in order to find out. You will be surprised at what emerges on the other side of them. You will find something meaningful in the color green.


Everything you touch this month will work in your favor. This is a golden time for you. You'll notice that you even feel more comfortable letting people see your vulnerability, which you guard so fiercely. If you’re dating, keep doing it. Keep putting yourself out there because there’s certainly something amazing coming toward you. If you’re with someone, take the real risks you’ve been thinking about and go deeper. There’s a lot of romantic and sexual energy swirling around you this July. It’s also creative energy. So if you’ve been putting off writing that novel or screenplay or taking that interpretative dance class—no longer! Get to work. You’re going to exude a lot of sensuality while doing it.


Love is in the air for you this month, but isn’t it always? You are such a romantic, and July will give you plenty of opportunities to show this side of you. Maybe you'll find a new love interest, or maybe your deep devotion to your current partner will give you an abundance of date nights. Go on some trips! The new sights will cause your heart to flourish and dream of new career avenues. If there’s one thing you are, it’s flexible—a trait that will come in handy in your professional life toward the end of the month. Bring the energy you have for the people close to you into your workplace.

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