Jurassic World 2 Trailer Has Bryce Dallas Howard Wearing Boots Instead of High Heels

Bryce Dallas Howard can finally run free — from dinosaurs and the patriarchy.

jurassic world 2 bryce dallas howard.png
Jurassic World 2

To see just how much has changed between 2015 and 2017, take a look at the new trailer for Jurassic World 2. While it only clocks in at 15 seconds, the video clip is a microcosm of how Hollywood has been forced to confront its own systematic sexism, most recently in the wake of the ever-mounting sexual assault allegations. Two years ago, when Jurassic World arrived, its star Bryce Dallas Howard was forced to outrun dinosaurs in stiletto pumps. This time, however, Dallas is suited up in much more sensible footwear: a pair of boots. In the first look at the upcoming film, Dallas can finally run free not only from dinosaurs but the patriarchy as well.

While the clip doesn’t give away much about Dallas’ evolved shoes, her character’s relationship with Chris Pratt, or the arrival of Justice Smith, the actor best known for starring in Netlifx’s abruptly cancelled Baz Luhrmann-helmed The Get Down, it does show that one thing hasn’t changed over the past couple of years: the dinosaurs are still figuring out new ways to break free.

Back to the heels, though, the absence of them is apparently part of the development of Howard’s character, Claire. “Colin [Trevorrow, the director,] texted me ‘#NoHeels2018,’” Howard told Cosmopolitan back in 2015 when discussing the controversial footwear. “Claire knows to get in there now, and her dynamic with the animals has certainly shifted, and the woman you see at the end of Jurassic World is very different from the woman you see at the beginning.”

While Howard has not yet commented on getting to shoot the sequel in flat shoes, she did defend the heels back in 2015. “This character needed to seem ill-equipped to be in the jungle,” she told the publication. “She was somebody who looks like she belongs in a corporate environment for a reason because she was someone who was disconnected from the animals and disconnected from that reality and disconnected from herself. She doesn’t at all expect that she’s going to be tromping through the jungle… And you know what? She’s in high heels because she’s a woman who has been in high heels her whole life and she can fucking sprint in them. She can. That’s kind of how I perceived it. She doesn’t have to be in menswear and flats in order to outrun a T. rex.” Considering how well she did running in heels, those dinosaurs don’t stand a chance now.

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