Kanye West

Launched a luxury beauty store. Watch out, Sephora.

American Apparel
Highlighting menstruation with a new t-shirt. What else would you expect from Dov Charney?

Ghesquire, Nicolas
Will probably be the new creative director of Louis Vuitton, if LVMH stops denying it.

Hilton, Paris
Debuted a new music video that is everything you could have hoped for, and more.

Jacobs, Marc
Broke up with his Brazilian boyfriend with a dramatic Instagram photo. How techy.


Juicy Couture
Was sold for $195 million. That’s a lot of velour.

Kardashian, Kim
Went fully platinum in what must be a Kanye-approved decision.

Liverpool Fashion Week
Bans tanning beds for models. Sets an example for South Jersey Fashion Week.

Moss, Kate
Designing clothes again for Topshop in an attempt to earn more money in 2014 than Gisele.

O’Pry, Sean
Is the highest-earning male model. Earns nothing near Gisele or Kate.

Paltrow, Gwyneth
Collaborating with Michael Kors on an ultra Goopy holiday collection.

Project Runway
Is heading to Italy, with Alberta Ferreti, Tomaso Trussardi, and Eva Herzigova as judges. Make it work, people.

Stefani, Gwen
Collaborating with OPI on a collection of nail polish. Hella good.

Talley, Andre Leon
Revealed that he never slept with Karl Lagerfeld. Was anyone wondering?

Toledo, Isabel
Designing a collection for Lane Bryant, so that plus-size women can dress like Michelle Obama too.

Upton, Kate
Starring alongside Snoop Lion (more commonly known as Snoop Dogg) in new ads for Hot Pockets. Must be overdue on her bills.

West, Kanye
Ended his feud with Jimmy Kimmel; gives us another reason to revive his best quotes ever. Thank you!