Karma Bridges, Daughter of Ludacris, Balances School Dances With Selfies With Kris Jenner on Instagram

Karma Bridges has taken the “Number One Spot” in her dad’s heart.

Photo by @karmabridges.

”What goes around comes punoɹɐ”—may be an obvious riff on Ludacris’ daughter Karma Bridges’ spiritual-sounding first name, but the young scion is not nearly as acrimonious as her Instagram bio may seem.

Peppered throughout Karma Bridges’ account are some cute throwback photos with her dad, the Grammy award winning rapper and Fast and Furious franchise superstar Ludacris, and her mom Christine White, an attorney based in Atlanta. But for a teen with over 84,000 followers on Instagram, it’s actually her dad who posts way more than she does, and he’s vigilant about her wellbeing—she recently posted a carousel to showcase her hair and makeup for a school dance, then Ludacris re-gramming her post and jokingly added “don’t worry I hired Obama’s Old Security Detail to track your every move” to the caption. Though her dad may refer to her as the “CEO” of her own personal website called Karma’s World (her Twitter bio defines the site as “a place where children can learn and explore with educational games, songs and much more”), Bridges really is just a regular teen who’s taken the “number one spot” in her dad’s heart.

Typical teen activities—hanging with her girls, sipping frappuccinos at the mall, lip-synching videos, and selfies—make up the majority of the content shared on the 16-year-old’s Instagram grid, but she has also amassed an interesting roster of celebrity run-ins. It’s a pretty wide range, from Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner to Flavortown’s very own Guy Fieri. Of course, there’s also a healthy dose of Justin Bieber in the mix too.

Musical talent runs in the family too; at just 10 years old, Bridges opened for Diggy Simmons—the rapper son of Joseph Simmons aka RUN DMC’s Rev Run—on his headlining tour along with Project S.L.I.D.E. dance studio in Atlanta.

Just last year, Bridges also had a birthday party that was fit for an episode of MTV’s My Super Sweet 16—her dad bought her a white Range Rover on her 16th birthday. (Looking at the photo of the car, one can almost hear her dad’s 2001 hit “Move B—h.”)

It’s hard to top giving a luxury vehicle as a birthday present, but this August, all bets could be off. Still, don’t take her opulent birthday party as a sign that Bridges is spoiled because the scion is quite far from it—her dad has noted how proud he was to know that she is “setting such a great example” for her two younger sisters.

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