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When Senior Editor Danielle Stein interviewed Kate Hudson over lunch back in early June (they met at Rice on Elizabeth Street) the actress had so much to say that it was impossible to cram all of it into her September cover story. So in the name of not wasting anything--we're a frugal bunch here at W--here are some of the extra tidbits for any of you die-hard Hudson fans out there.

On gaining weight: "If you put food in front of me I'll eat it. Did you see how much weight I gained when I was pregnant? God! I gained 70 pounds! My doctor, when I had gained 45 pounds by the 5th month, his whole thing was, Kate, look, it's okay to just eat salads sometimes."

On her diet: "Give me a good burger and I'm so happy, but I know that if I eat crap, I'll feel like crap. So I don't eat the pastas and the sugars. I try to avoid wheat or dairy. I like my coffee black."

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On developing her haircare line: "This has been three years of my life. It's been a long process. There are all these regulations. I joke that it's like, you go up to people and say, I wanna make the only natural product that's going to be in Duane Reade! And they're like, ok, that's great, but let's talk to the experts. And then you realize that you got a D in chemistry and there are people who dedicate their lives to formulating something that can sit on a shelf, to understanding that certain ingredients when mixed with others can become carcinogens."

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On her favorite exercise class:"The S curve. It's the stripper class. It's a real girl's girl thing. I love it."

And there you have it.

Photos: Top: both BAUER-GRIFFIN.COM; Hudson and Naomi Watts: MATRIX/BAUER-GRIFFIN.COM; bottom: courtesy of David Babaii for Wildaid