By this point in fashion week, the front row ubiquitors have emerged and that initial thrill at a glimpse of Mandy Moore has lost its luster. At Tuesday's Alice + Olivia presentation, however, a previously unseen celebrity--and a bonafide movie star, at that--made her first appearance of the week: Kate Mara. The actress, newly engaged to her former Fantastic Four co-star Jamie Bell, milled about the space filed with models channeling boho-chic 70s-esque vibes and chatting with designer Stacey Bendet. Here, Mara talks about her fashion week plans, latest project, and football--her family does own the New York Giants and Pittsburgh Steelers, after-all.

What has been your highlight of fashion week? Well, this is the only thing I've attended. And I'm getting on a plane right after, so this is the highlight. 

Really? I saw [you posted] a picture of yourself and Olivia Wilde at a Tiffany & Co event last week. Was that officially fashion week? That was really fun because I love Olivia and that was a nice surprise that she was there because we hadn't seen each other in a long time. 

And you have the same haircut now, We have the same haircut...It was like "Yours looks better! No, yours looks better!" 

Speaking of love, today is Valentine's Day! Do you have any plans?  Yeah, I'm going back to my fiancé. We're living in Virginia right now while he works on his show. We'll probably go out to eat, then go home and cuddle and watch The Bachelor. We like to watch together, so we saved last night's episode and I was like, "That'll be romantic!" 

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Are you filming anything at the moment? Not right now. I just finished two movies. One of them is called Chappaquiddick. It's a true story again and it's about the Ted Kennedy tragedy where Mary Jo Kopechne got killed in a car wreck with him, all those years ago. I made that with Jason Clark, hopefully that'll come out this year. And I made a movie with Ellen Page who's one of my best friends. 

Not to bring down the mood. I did see your tweet about Victor Cruz leaving the New York Giants. I'm so depressed about it. I texted my father and was like "Dad, what happened?"

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