Kate Moss Goes Back to School in Coach

Pre-fashion month chill.

Even for those who aren’t headed for a classroom this fall, back-to-school sentiment is all around. We’ve passed Labor Day, the official end of summer holidays; September and October’s fashion month madness sets in later this week. A chill will permeate the air any day now — hard to imagine as it may be, with the summer’s seemingly impenetrable heat dome still blanketing the city — but on the other side of the pond, fall is already in full swing. Supermodel Kate Moss has embraced back-to-school style (at least as far as the fashion calendar goes) as autumn leaves cover the ground in London, playing it casual and comfortable in Coach. And during a season when Coach is in the midst of a kind of comeback, it’s the perfect statement from a perennial It girl.

Kate Moss in Coach in London, England, September 2016.

Getty Images

Who: Kate Moss.

When: Monday, September 5.

Where: Out and about in London, England.

What: An embellished varsity jacket by Coach 1941 with black leggings, black sunglasses, and lace-up stiletto boots.

Why: First, let’s get this out of the way: The shoes are a daring move. Playing in the fall leaves, on a gravel surface, in stilettos? A balancing act, if we’ve ever seen one! And she does it like a pro. Between the oversized, slouchy, wide-sleeved bomber, the saddle bag slung nonchalantly over her shoulder, wayfarers, and leggings-as-pants, the rest of the ensemble reads like an adult interpretation of the cool, unapproachable girl in your high school class. American scholarly chic as interpreted by a British It girl. The jacket — with studs, grommets, and athletic insignia — is very edgy and a little collegiate, though still trademark Coach (quite literally — when she turns her back, you can spot the new face of Coach, a dinosaur, emblazoned across the back). Plus, you can never go wrong with minimal color. Moss’s fall layers are a look to channel as the weather turns — and the added pins and patches incorporate a recently resurged trend.