Kate Winslet, My Girl Crush

I know I'm supposed to be totally jaded by celebrities by now. But I've decided that Kate Winslet and I could really be friends. Yesterday, I was given 20 minutes to sit down with the...


How did you get into such amazing shape? Oh, I haven’t done a thing, it’s just stress. I haven’t lost weight — my clothes fit the same. I mean [grabbing her stomach], I’m soft! Look!

Maybe you’re dressing differently? Maybe. Someone told me, “God, Kate, you’ve got really good legs. You should get them out.” But when you put on a shorter outfit, that outfit has to be tight. For me, it’s all about tailoring and fabric and simple, clean lines. It works on anybody who has tits and an ass.

I have to say, your butt looked pretty great in The Reader. I was really, really pleased [when I saw it in the film]. But that’s just really great lighting, a little bit of makeup to take care of the bumpy little areas. But just at lunch today, I said, “God, I’ve really learned to love my ass.” Not that I look in the mirror and say “I love my bum,” but I’m completely fond of it. I don’t feel the need to cover it up anymore. I think it’s just age. Accepting who I am. Live with it, gang.

What relaxes you? I love to cook, especially for my kids. I brined a turkey this year, which was fantastic. The kids thought it was so funny putting this massive turkey into a bag and leaving it outside… I find cooking very therapeutic.

What do you hate? Tarragon. Hate it. And I hate being late, particularly in the morning. The kids never actually are late for school, but I always feel like we’re just cutting it a little fine.

What else? I don’t like competing. Awards season is so exciting, but it’s profoundly bizarre because I’m not an inherently competitive person. It is really thrilling to be celebrated, but I also feel bad for the other people because I know what that feels like. It really sucks to feel like you’re the loser.

Who made the blue dress you wore to the SAG awards? Narciso. I really love Narciso because his dresses are comfortable but his tailoring is outstanding. He’s up there with Valentino. The lovely thing about going into his showroom, you will not find a size below a 4 — he barely makes them. I get really frustrated when I’m looking for a six and they just have twos or zeros. I just walk away if they have to go look for a six.

Who does your haircolor? Nicola Clarke at John Frieda in London. She did my color for Revolutionary Road and The Reader. I don’t fly her into America, but whenever I go to London, if I have an hour, I’ll go in.

You also have great eyebrows. Who does them? I don’t touch my eyebrows. I’m really lucky. Both my sisters and I are lucky that we got our mother’s shape.

Wow, not fair. Okay, time for the plug. What’s your favorite Lancome product? High Definition Mascara. It does what its says it’s going to do. It’s not heavy, so if you’ve curled your eyelashes, it doesn’t make them drop. It’s thin enough that you can build it without it going clumpy and it doesn’t flake. Once it’s on, it’s on.

Photo: Getty Images